Annemarie McDonell

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Sydney West, Hawksbury, Parramatta, Nepean, Blue Mountains, Sydney South West, Macarthur Regions.

Funeral Celebrant / Director

A funeral service with a womans compassion.
Celebrate the life of your loved one and pay tribute for the time they have been in your life they may not be here in the present but thier spirit lives on forever with us.
Contact me for a service with compassion.
Funeral ceremonies can serve as meaningfull points of departure and acceptance.

A funeral ceremony can help family and friends accept that a loved one has passed on and to cherish thier memory there after.

A celebrant spends some hours with the family to establish information about the life of their loved one by talking to different family members and aquiring different life stories of the persons life experience and events to creating a meaningfull ceremony.

The eulogy has to be organized and presented well, so checking with the family to make sure that the information and format is what they expect.