Malika Elizabeth Reese



Wollongong, South Coast, Southern Highlands, South Sydney


Singing Celebrant

When someone has died, we can feel like we are walking through water. Indeed the emotions that come, may feel like waves washing over us.


I am a professional musician and writer. The most meaningful work I’ve ever done, is being a Funeral Celebrant. It is a privilege and honour to help families to pay tribute to and celebrate their loved ones. 


After sitting with family and friends, talking for hours, I take very special care in crafting beautiful service speeches which I then deliver with warmth and tenderness.


As I am a singer, many families use my skills to sing a significant song during the service. Live music has the power to both regulate and/or release the big emotions that swell in us, when we are farewelling someone dear to us. 


Live music can make a service particularly special and memorable. Any song is fine to use in ceremony, if it was significant to your loved one. From Billy Joel to Mozart, Pink to Pearl Jam. 


I am also able to sing with a loved one before they pass, or while they are lying in state, being washed and dressed.  



Hello Malika,


Thank you so much - I can't believe you have managed to take so many accurate notes about Dad.  It is really a beautiful speech.




Hi Malika,


You have described and encompassed his life amazingly. In that short time you have spoken to me and dad you have really been able to describe my brother. Thank You. My dad read it is also quite happy with it.


Thank You 



Good morning Malika!

You did the lovely service of memorial for Jack. 

I just wanted to let you know again how meaningful the delivery of your contribution at Jack’s funeral was to us all.  It touched me on so many levels and was quite the most beautiful way to say goodbye to somebody I have ever witnessed.  I will never ever forget it.  I would very much like for you to come to the UK and do the service for my mother when her time comes. 


My best wishes and gratitude to you Malika.



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