Sarah Tolmie – End-of-Life Consulting (Death Doula – Vigils – Grief Care & Chaplaincy)

Picaluna Funeral Director and Celebrant Sarah Tolmie can also offer a full end-of-life consulting and care practice. Sarah is an end-of-life consultant and trained in death doula practices and basic body care mortuary assisting. Sarah is also a grief and bereavement specialist therapist and hospital trained in spiritual & clinical chaplaincy.

Sarah can often work with families well before a death occurs, helping individuals and families navigate the practical, emotional, relational and spiritual challenges when faced with life limiting illness and terminal diagnoses.  Her broad suite of services provides support for individuals and their families as they navigate through the practical, emotional and spiritual journey of illness, dying, death and grief.

Summary of Sarah's Consulting, Funeral and Doula Services

  • Emotional, relational and spiritual ‘pastoral’ care and personal coaching through illness, dying and death (as well as grief & bereavement specialist counselling);
  • Development of support plans and facilitating the conversations at difficult times of treatment/or end of treatment, palliative care and final living pathways;

  • Presence and guidance for the family during the active phase of death (end-of-life vigils);

  • After death care (including first body care rituals such as washing/dressing, anointing, shrouding) and at home Vigils and funeral rites;

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Sarah has also put together a FREE VIDEO RESOURCE

This free resource is a short series 5 x videos that discuss death, dying and grief – how to begin to think about it, talk about it and plan for it.  Check out Landscapes of Life & Love and Loss: Traversing the pathyways of death, dying and grief.

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"Sarah thank you for the exceptional ceremony for dad. Everyone said it was a wonderful and enjoyable service. It was a complete and real celebration of his life. Thank you for including so many people and for helping me to speak in public. The preparation you gave me to be able to speak confidently at his service was a profound gift. You don’t know how important that was to me and I have since used those skills at work too! You are a very special lady with a great gift to listen and work from the heart and the head. At a difficult and emotional time, you stepped into our family with grace and patience and got the best out of all of us for the sake of our dad. We can’t thank you enough."