Kathryn Breusch - End of Life Care & Death Doula 

In days gone by, we used to care for our loved ones at home after death. We washed and dressed them, contacted the local carpenter to make the coffin or made it ourselves, held a vigil where neighbours, family and friends gathered at the family home. It was a time when community came together in support of the family. 

With these values in mind, it is still possible for you or your loved one to be cared for at home (or brought home from hospital) after death. Sure, it’s not for everyone but if it feels right for your family, let’s discuss the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects to ensure these final acts of love are managed with dignity, respect and grace.

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"Dear Kathryn, I have always felt that if John died before me I did not know how I would ever be able to cope with his funeral. However, the wonderful caring way you conducted the celebration of John’s life changed all that. It was possible for his family and friends to look back on his life, find out what interesting things he had achieved and also what a wonderful, caring, gracious and intelligent man he was as a friend, father, husband and in his career as a scientist and explorer. Everyone I spoke to said it was the best funeral they had ever attended. Thank you so much for your efforts to give John the wonderful funeral he deserved."