Support and guidance at end-of-life

The word "doulé” is an ancient Greek word meaning “Woman's servant”.

An "End-of-Life Doula" or "Death Midwife" provides emotional, social and spiritual support to the dying, and to those around them.  They help open up the conversation about death and loss - a topic that is often deemed too uncomfortable yet can offer great relief to all. Or on a more practical level, they will provide company if/when the family needs to take breaks, or help set up a community support system. 

An End-of-Life Doula is a non-clinical care role that bridges the gap between medical practitioners and the dying person.  You can engage a doula early in an end-of-life journey, to prepare the end-of-life plan and support documents like an Advance Care Directive.  Picaluna doula’s can also set up a pre-arranged funeral and pre-paid funeral plans. 

An End-of-Life Doula is there to carry out the dying person's end of life wishes, as well as to preserve the quality of life, well-being and integrity, up to and beyond the physical death, with gentleness, kindness and respect.

Should you need an End-of-Life Doula, Picaluna offer the following people:- 

North Shore - Sarah Foster 
Northern Beaches - Kathryn Breusch 
Central Coast - Sarah Tomie 
Picaluna Funerals | home vigil.jpg

"Sarah thank you for the exceptional ceremony for dad. Everyone said it was a wonderful and enjoyable service. It was a complete and real celebration of his life. Thank you for including so many people and for helping me to speak in public. The preparation you gave me to be able to speak confidently at his service was a profound gift. You don’t know how important that was to me and I have since used those skills at work too! You are a very special lady with a great gift to listen and work from the heart and the head. At a difficult and emotional time, you stepped into our family with grace and patience and got the best out of all of us for the sake of our dad. We can’t thank you enough."