Whether it be funerals, memorials, home vigils, funerals online, or life celebrations, we are dedicated to offering choices and empowering you to choose a better way to say goodbye to the person you love.


Picaluna assists communities create inspirational, affordable and authentic farewells. Whether it’s a traditional church or crematorium chapel funeral, a home funeral, or choosing a venue that is more meaningful of that person’s passions and interests, you are involved, and if you wish, can participate every step of the way.


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All cultural and spiritual beliefs are highly respected at Picaluna, so in addition to places of worship, we support families who are looking for more authentic choices to the traditional venues. Picaluna is all about flexibility and choice, so if a crematorium chapel doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, you may like to try a more personalised venue, which offers a beautiful space for the ceremony and wake.

Some of these venues include surf clubs, golf clubs, local town halls, parks, beaches or you may like to consider having the funeral at home.  

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Picaluna has a wide variety of well-priced coffins and caskets.  From woven, to MDF, hardwood to cardboard, we have a wide variety to choose from, with affordability to suit any budget. Some families like to get involved by decorating the coffin, with many options for decorating in your own individual way.  This can be a healing, somewhat cathartic process. 


Talk to our funeral directors for some extra inspiration.

All our Greenature range is skilfully hand woven in Indonesia by WFTO approved artisan craftsmen.

These are an environmentally friendly option.

Banana leaf $770

Pandanas  $770

Wicker $770


An environmentally and budget friendly option.

Cardboard Coffins $165

MDF Coffins from $363

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Picaluna can provide our families with a sophisticated live webcast option for those who cannot be at the ceremony in person. Our professional webcasts enable family and friends to join together wherever they are to be part of the moment, and also serve as a beautiful high-quality memorial video to download and keep.

PRICING (Effective as of the 1st Feb 2020)

Picaluna believes in 100% price transparency. We itemise in the invoice, all the products and services for the funeral at cost. For example; if we get a coffin from the supplier for $300, we itemise it in the invoice at $300… no hidden mark-ups. We then apply a 35% Service fee to the wholesale cost of the funeral, which is how we make our profit.  Furthermore, we donate 10% of our profit to a charity of the family’s choice.


As part of our Price transparency ethos, following are some of the common costs for products and services we provide (all costs are inclusive of GST)


  • Transport of person to our mortuary from place of death: ranges from $275 to $365 

  • Storage at our mortuary: $55/night

  • Hearse hire (for transfer of person from our mortuary to venue/cemetery/crematorium): ranges from $550 to $990

  • Hire of cooling plate: $110/night

  • Coffins: range from $150 to $3,685

  • Preparation of person at our mortuary: ​

    • Basic preparation: $180

    • Temporary preservation: $270

    • Full Embalm: $605

  • Viewing:​

    • No service, no attendance cremation: $150

    • Full service funeral: $0

  • Funeral arranger: $1,210

  • Venue hire: ranges from $0 to $2,000

  • Cremation fees: range from $450 to $950

  • Burial fees (open and closing of the plot): ranges from $1,100 to $4,000

  • Death Certificate from BDM: $60

  • Cremation Certificates: $240​

​We use an external supplier for mortuary services: Mortuary Support Services - owned and managed by Suzanne Stricker - 50/5 Inglewood Place, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153


The cost of a Picaluna funeral starts from:

  • No service, no attendance cremation: $2,600

  • No service, no attendance burial, including open and close of plot fees: $4,150

"We simply don’t know how to thank Kathryn, Meggan and their team for all they have done.  The respect, sincerity and gentle caring that they embodied honoured all within this experience with such grace and integrity. It was a deeply moving experience for each and every one of us because of their caring guidance throughout, and we will always be grateful. Thank you both once again."