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Funeral Director | Celebrant | End-of-life Doula


As your Death Doula

Whether you choose to have your last weeks at home or in a hospice, I will safely support you and your family to ensure your end of life wishes are met.


Together we can talk through your end of life choices, Advance Care Directives and have open and guided conversations with your family around death.  As your death doula, assistance is offered for emotional, practical and spiritual support, because the greatest gift you can give yourself - and your family and community - is creating a loving and gentle space to transition with grace. 

With empowerment and knowledge, together we hold the vision of connection, comfort, integrity and peace of mind.



This is a sacred rite of passage that doesn’t end with death.  I can also assist with washing and dressing and guide the family into holding a vigil. I can also provide a cooling plate should your family decide to keep you at home overnight or for an extra day or two after death – it’s not for everyone but yes, it is possible.


“Living Wake” or “Celebration of Life Party”

Have you ever thought about having a big party with all your family and friends before you die?  What better way to leave the world than be completely filled up with love - and hear all the wonderful things people say about you!  I can also offer guidance with finding the right venue, invitations or setting a theme.

As your Funeral Director 

Through many years of being in the death industry, I can see it’s when a family is empowered to create a warm, authentic and personal funeral is when the healing process can begin. Whether the death is sudden or you’ve had time to say goodbye, planning the funeral can often be overwhelming, particularly when there are high emotions of grief, shock and vulnerability.


There are many decisions to be made at this time and, often, families can feel obligated to have the funeral within a few days. Take your time, there is no rush: it is a far healthier outcome when you are supported in creating an authentic farewell that is truly reflective of your loved one. I can guide you through available choices and possibilities, and walk alongside you throughout the whole process.


As your Celebrant

I will work closely with you to hear stories and anecdotes to create a true representation of your loved one’s unique gifts and character, to bring together the tapestry of their life. As their biography unfolds a theme develops to shape a beautiful and authentic ceremony. Through this discussion with the dying person or with family, we can weave in the involvement of key people to create a meaningful farewell. Not only can this be expressed through words, but honouring through ritual, music, singing, photos and literature can also enhance this sacred rite of passage, to bring a more positive and enriching experience for everyone.

"Dear Kathryn, I have always felt that if John died before me I did not know how I would ever be able to cope with his funeral. However, the wonderful caring way you conducted the celebration of John’s life changed all that. It was possible for his family and friends to look back on his life, find out what interesting things he had achieved and also what a wonderful, caring, gracious and intelligent man he was as a friend, father, husband and in his career as a scientist and explorer. Everyone I spoke to said it was the best funeral they had ever attended. Thank you so much for your efforts to give John the wonderful funeral he deserved."