Invest in the future of funerals

Invest in the future of funerals and join us as we lead the growing revolution that is reshaping the way we farewell our loved ones.

Picaluna is expanding rapidly, built on a unique and inspiring purpose of helping families create, plan and deliver authentic and affordable funerals. We’re a commanding change for the better, shaking up an industry which is slow to evolve and which puts profits before people.

We now need an injection of capital to accelerate growth in Sydney as well as looking to expand into new markets.

We’re excited to announce that Picaluna has launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign with Birchal, and we’d love YOU to join us on our journey.

About Us

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Picaluna is a network of independent professional Funeral Planners and Celebrants. We are different because we empower families, organising truly inspirational, authentic and beautiful farewells.

Our funerals come in all shapes and sizes, often held in a park, social club, beach or even at home, as well as in traditional venues such as a chapel.

We give families time to make creative choices, rather than forcing them to conform to the expensive, cookie-cutter practices offered by those who currently dominate the industry.

We are able to give people total freedom over the where, when and how by sourcing venues, hearses, mortuaries etc from independent service providers using our custom-built software.

We offer 100% price transparency, charging a 35% service fee on the wholesale cost of the funeral and clipping service providers 5% commission.

And we give back by donating 10% of the profit from every funeral to a charity or cause nominated by the family.


The investment opportunity

Current figures show that Australia’s funeral industry is already worth $1.2bn yearly. That market is about to enter its biggest ever growth phase, so we need to grow too. Picaluna has:

  1. just experienced a 300% growth year-on-year

  2. recruited hundreds of celebrants in and around Sydney

  3. planned and conducted more than 200 funerals

  4. donated more than $14k to 47 different charities

We believe we have a proven concept and a profitable business model that is resonating well with the communities we serve. We are looking to raise $900,000 to:

  1. upgrade our technology

  2. increase resources in the recruitment, on-boarding and engagement of Celebrants

  3. increase our content marketing to build brand awareness

  4. expand into new markets

Buying shares in Picaluna could also open new ways of expanding your own business if you are working as a Funeral Planner or Celebrant.

Help us help families to find a better way to say goodbye.

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Register your Expression of Interest

Watch our Expression of Interest video to learn more about Picaluna and the details of our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document (when it is available) before investing.

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