Hi Elizabeth, Suzie and Scott

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all you did to make mum’s memorial a great and sensitive send off.  From start to finish you have been so caring, and it has made the whole process way less stressful, nothing has been too hard, you worked with us in every way possible to make it perfect!  I would recommend you to anyone and would happily love to pass our appreciation on to your boss!  Your company came recommended to us, we are so glad we chose you to help us say goodbye to our mum.

Kind regards

Sue and Sam


We simply don’t know how to thank Kathryn, Meggan and their team for all they have done.  The respect, sincerity and gentle caring that they embodied honoured all within this experience with such grace and integrity. It was a deeply moving experience for each and every one of us because of their caring guidance throughout, and we will always be grateful.

Thank you both once again,

Deb Stevenson


Thank you to the wonderful people at Picaluna for a fantastic Celebration of my Dad's life. You picked a fantastic venue for us and made everything run smoothly and hassle free. The ceremony was personal and tailored to my Dad and his heritage and Shelly Bennett and Annabelle Peacock did a fantastic job. All the guests said what a lovely celebration it was and everyone was very pleased with the whole event. I would highly recommend Picaluna to everyone for their fantastic service!

Sylvia Reece


Scott was recently assigned funeral director for my beautiful brothers funeral but he became so much more than that to each and every person who came together during this time. Warren was only 58. Words cannot do this man justice - he not only managed this process so professionally but he became our friend, a friend who helped and supported us.A few days after Warrens funeral he marched in the Mardi Gras with a little bit of Warren on his sleeve and stopped to give us a hug and kiss .

Scott and Picaluna, thank you - Kay Castledine


I am deeply grateful to the service that Lola Rushartland offers through Picaluna.  Lola guided me through the emotionally treacherous journey beginning with the sudden departure of my soulmate and husband.

Lola and Picaluna bring to you a straight forward process so you don't have to think too much when you're already challenged to your limits in the loss and shock of losing a loved one.

The most valuable part of the journey with Lola and Picaluna is their high level of accommodation to your needs and special requests in relation to honouring your lost loved one. I don't know where I'd be if I was not able to spend time with my husband's body after he passed.

Lola and I prepared his body at our family home with a ceremony. This time was sacred and special. I was able to capture a lasting memory of his vessel, the one that had carried him 56 years.

It really helped me to come to terms with the difficult realisation that he really was gone. Without this opportunity I would not be as far ahead in the acceptance of the loss and likely I'd still be in a lot of denial. Thank you Lola and Picaluna, deeply grateful you were there when I needed you.



Dear Kath,

What a privilege it's been to work with you as our guide and support at a time where we needed it most. We have been so blessed to have you come into our lives and act as our celebrant and director for our mum Annie's funeral.

You walked beside us and held our hand every step of the way and you made an incredibly sad and confusing time one to be celebrated and cherished. The end result was the most amazing celebration of love and life which we were so proud to share with all our family and friends. What an amazing gift you have given us.  You are an incredible soul Kath, and you have been more than a celebrant to us. From the moment we met you and you sat with mum and shared her life story, you became one of our family. We now share a beautiful piece of family history with you and for that we are truly blessed and thankful.  Your guidance and the support of the team gave us the strength and courage to look beyond the normal funeral process. The result was a celebration of Annie’s life that was untraditional in a traditional setting and something we are immensely proud of. It could not have been any more perfect.  The feedback from family and friends has been overwhelming in their praise for the celebration. You managed to weave all our wishes into the service and connect all the chapters of Annie’s life into one beautiful story.  We applaud your vision for the social enterprise you have created in this often impersonal and process driven life event. Your love, compassion and hard work is faultless and we could not recommend you anymore highly.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, all our love Tony, Jo and Jamie.

Tony, Jo And Jamie


After my father died, I remember feeling overwhelmed trying to organise a funeral home, funeral and cremation, as well as contacting loved ones to notify them of my father's death. It was a very stressful time and I had feelings of regret for many years, wishing that it all had been handled differently but not knowing what that would look like. Years later I began to think about how we could make it more of a personal experience, when it was my mother's time.

In the weeks leading to my mother's death a close friend told me about death doulas and about the support and service they provide. My mother and I discussed the options available and felt it was what we were looking for. So when the time came we contacted Lola on short notice as my mother's death was unexpected at the time.

She was very professional and dropped everything to be with us in our time of need. Lola promptly went to the hospital and organised my mother's transport to our home.

Afterwards, Lola came to our home with her table and cooling plate before my mother arrived. She helped me wash and dress my mother in a peaceful, respectful manner with gentle music playing in the background and aromatherapy oils filling the air. It was very healing for me and it felt like a natural extension of caring for my mother in death. I felt very honoured to be able to do this for her.

Lola's caring and calm guidance was instrumental to the whole experience. We all felt very supported and didn't have to think about making arrangements with funeral homes etc.  There was no stress, as Lola organised everything while we could be free to grieve, be with our family and most importantly spend time with my mother.  Other family members came to spend time with my mother speaking to her and playing her favourite music. They all thanked me for bringing her home and sharing this special experience with them.  We chose a beautiful wicker coffin from the brochure Lola showed us and it was perfect. We got to weave flowers through the wicker and it looked lovely.

We loved our mother very much and we feel such peace knowing that we gave her such loving care whilst she was alive and in death.  I highly recommend Lola to help you and your loved one throughout this process for both her professionalism and her warmth. She is truly passionate about her role as a doula and it is evident in all the little extra things that she did for us and my mother, that showed us that she really cared.

Trish Gonzalez


Hi Sarah

You've been on my mind so much this week. I've been trying to think of a way to say "thank you" for your contribution to the wonderful life celebration we gave Dad.

The first day we met you was like being gifted with a beautiful light. Your warmth, openness, love and genuine presence immediately shone and filled us all with light and love at one of the most difficult times of our lives.

I keep telling people a difficult day turned into a most beautiful day – and everyone agrees. We have had so many incredible comments about Dad's send off and in particular the way you got know our family and most importantly, Dad.  I've been asked if you're a family friend, to which I now reply "Yes!" Our family and friends were genuinely awestruck by our stories and your delivery of the service, how you got to know us, Dad and our 'style' of family.

You helped fill the day with light and love, not the heavyness and sadness people usually relate to a funeral. Your support to each and every one of us and especially to mum, is immeasurable.

My best friend of 37 years, told me Dad's send off was one of the most defining and vivid moments in her life. She said it will stay with her forever, evoking the fondest memories, the feeling of love, friendship and family. I think we pretty much all agree. It's quite incredible to see a person who is truly doing something they love. You can always tell people who are filling their heart, they shine brighter than everyone and their light ignites others. This is you Sarah – thank you for lighting us in the darkest of times.

Much love to you – we hope to see you again soon. Xxxx


When our mother June passed away we wanted to grieve her and honor her life in alignment with how she lived it.

The empathy and softness of Picaluna was such a refreshing experience for my sister and myself. We felt very at ease and held by the discerning and nuanced way Picaluna looked after our mother and our needs with mindfulness. They supported us through the process in a beautiful way.


Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for thinking of Yvette and I. It is still hard going, I can keep my mind occupied during the daytime but the evenings are the saddest. He has always been there so to have this emptiness is gut wrenching at times. If I knew then what I know now I would have treasured him so much more.

Due to grief I never really thanked you. I don't think I would have coped without you being there for us. From our first phone call your compassion came through like a beacon. Without being intrusive you were a rock. You listened to our reminiscences of our life with Peter and from this you built a memorial service that was loving, supportive and special to Peter, even down to his love of cricket. Time was of no consequence, you gave of this as much as we needed. You wept with us and you laughed with us.

Your loving care, advice and warmth to all there that day made a heartbreaking farewell a very special day.

You took care of everything so that Yvette and I could grieve without the burden of having to organise the service. So many people who attended that day commented on the service and how lovely and special it was. Some even said you had changed their minds as to how a funeral should be and how they wanted theirs to be.

I have already informed Yvette that when my time comes my wish is that you will be there and I am sure she feels the same.

Your goodness came through too by the fact that a proportion of any cost goes to charity.

Once again, a very belated thank you but a thank you from the heart,

Much love,Sheila


My brother Stuart and I were very fortunate to meet Sarah from Picaluna just after the passing of our father Derek. To be honest we were in a state of shock and had very little experience of death, funerals and the like and really didn't know what to do.

Sarah was so helpful and truly a wonderful guide in the options we had available to celebrate our fathers life. Her compassion and understanding helped immensely as we put together plans for Dad's cremation and small ceremony.

We are really grateful to have been helped through this ordeal by Sarah, and would recommend her and Picaluna to anyone going through trying time.

All the best Sarah

Mikel Goodman And Stuart Broughton


I wanted to thank you all very much for the beautiful service. It was conducted with much love & respect.

I admired the way you all handled our fractured family with such care. I will be forever thankful in the way you supported my boys and assisted them in giving their father an absolutely beautiful farewell.

Thank you again for not only Karl's service but for also looking after our boys with such respect and empathy.



Dear Greg,

How amazing when the universe throws up these wonderful connections when you need them the most. The Inglis/Oades connection has been the most important connection we have had in a very long time. From the moment we spoke to you only hours after Dad had died we were confident that we were going to be okay.

You arranged for Lola to call us the next day. This phone call turned our beliefs and funeral arrangements on its head and into a tailspin that set us off on a very special, healing journey.

As you know when, Lola suggested we bring Dad home, Mum jumped at the opportunity. By 2pm that same day, Dad was back home in his own bed. We were able to bring Dad home, something he always wanted after spending the last two and a half years in a nursing home.

Lola gently guided us through the funeral arrangements, kindly supported by Shelly. They both assisted in the four days leading up to the funeral that in normal circumstances could have been traumatic. Instead we were surrounded by powerful female energies, which was fitting as Dad had 3 girls and was used to being bossed around!!

Over a week has now passed since the funeral and in hindsight we would not change one thing. We will always reflect back on this time with no regrets. We feel that we gave Dad a very dignified and spiritual send off which has allowed us a lot of peace. All of the above was only made possible by yourself and Picaluna.

Without your alternative guidance we would have been at such a loss.

Greg, we will always be grateful for your love, support and personal touch that you have given us throughout this time.

Lots of love Ellie, Amanda, Steph And Denise