Picaluna believes in 100% price transparency.


We itemise in the invoice, all the products and services for the funeral at cost. Whether it be funeral costs for pensioners of for others. For example; if we get a coffin from the supplier for $300, we itemise it in the invoice at $300… no hidden mark-ups. We then apply a 35% Service fee to the wholesale cost of the funeral, which is how we make our profit.  Furthermore, we donate 5% of our profit to a charity of the family’s choice.


As part of our Price transparency ethos, following are some of the common prices for cremation cost and funeral costs, we provide (all costs are inclusive of GST).

  • Transport of person to our mortuary from place of death: ranges from $275 to $365 

  • Storage at our mortuary: $55/night

  • Hearse hire (for transfer of person from our mortuary to venue/cemetery/crematorium): ranges from $550 to $990

  • Hire of cooling plate: $110/night

  • Coffins: range from $150 to $3,685

  • Funeral director: $1,210

  • Venue hire: ranges from $0 to $2,000

  • Preparation of person at our mortuary: ​

    • Basic preparation: $180

    • Temporary preservation: $270

    • Full Embalm: $605

  • Viewing:​

    • No service, no attendance cremation: $150

  • Cremation fees: range from $450 to $950

  • Burial fees (open and closing of the plot): ranges from $1,100 to $4,000
  • Death Certificate from BDM: $60

  • Cremation Certificates: $240​

​We use an external supplier for mortuary services: Mortuary Support Services - owned and managed by Suzanne Stricker - 50/5 Inglewood Place, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

We use an external supplier for Cremation services: Australian Cremation Services Pty Ltd - owned and managed by Wayne Wucsko - 12 Maxim Place ST MARYS NSW 2760


Picaluna funeral price and cremation price starts from:

  • No service, no attendance cremation: $2,600

  • No service, no attendance burial, including open and close of plot fees: $4,150

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"Dear Sarah, thank you so much for thinking of Yvette and I. It is still hard going, I can keep my mind occupied during the daytime but the evenings are the saddest. He has always been there so to have this emptiness is gut wrenching at times. If I knew then what I know now I would have treasured him so much more.

Due to grief I never really thanked you. I don't think I would have coped without you being there for us. From our first phone call your compassion came through like a beacon. Without being intrusive you were a rock. You listened to our reminiscences of our life with Peter and from this you built a memorial service that was loving, supportive and special to Peter, even down to his love of cricket. Time was of no consequence, you gave of this as much as we needed. You wept with us and you laughed with us.

Your loving care, advice and warmth to all there that day made a heartbreaking farewell a very special day.

You took care of everything so that Yvette and I could grieve without the burden of having to organise the service. So many people who attended that day commented on the service and how lovely and special it was. Some even said you had changed their minds as to how a funeral should be and how they wanted theirs to be.

I have already informed Yvette that when my time comes my wish is that you will be there and I am sure she feels the same. Your goodness came through too by the fact that a proportion of any cost goes to charity. Once again, a very belated thank you but a thank you from the heart. "