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Director and Celebrant

Kathryn Breusch - Celebrant and Director

Empowering families to create a warm, authentic and personal funeral is something Kathryn is dedicated to and feels passionate about. The responsibility of planning the ceremony can be a daunting process, particularly when there are high emotions of grief, shock and vulnerability.


There are many decisions to be made at this time and, often, families feel under pressure or obligated to have the funeral within a few days. Take your time, there is no rush: it is a far healthier outcome when you are supported in creating an authentic ceremony that is truly reflective of your loved one. Kathryn will guide you through all the available choices and possibilities, and liaise with you throughout the whole process.


Traditionally you may be encouraged to hold the ceremony at a crematorium's chapel or funeral home; however, you may like to consider a more personal location that reflects your loved one’s lifestyle or hobby. Ceremonies can be performed at a local park or beach (with council approval) or you may like to hire a community hall, golf club or have the funeral at home. There is no right or wrong - just whatever feels genuine.


Kathryn works closely with family members to hear stories and memories to create a true representation of your loved ones’ unique gifts and character, to bring together the tapestry of their life. As their biography unfolds a theme develops to shape a beautiful and authentic ceremony. Through discussion Kathryn can weave in the participation of family and friends to create something fabulous - and a sense of pride. Not only can this be expressed through words, but honouring your loved one through ritual, music, singing, photos and literature can also enhance this sacred rite of passage, to bring a more positive and enriching experience for everyone.Whilst based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I will travel anywhere around Sydney and beyond to the venue of your choice.



Dear Kathryn, I have always felt that if John died before me I did not know how I would ever be able to cope with his funeral. However, the wonderful caring way you conducted the celebration of John’s life changed all that. It was possible for his family and friends to look back on his life, find out what interesting things he had achieved also what a wonderful, caring, gracious and intelligent man he was as a friend, father, husband and in his career as a scientist and explorer. Everyone I spoke to said it was the best funeral they had ever attended. Thank you so much for your efforts to give John the wonderful funeral he deserved.Margaret Shaw - 27/08/2017


Dear Kathryn, Thanks so much for bringing such heart and soul to John’s funeral. Thanks to you it was such a personal celebration of his life. We are grateful for the time you took to learn about him and so sensitively weave that into the ceremony. You made the process a lot easier and less stressful for us. Many thanksAnna Birch - 01/06/2017


Thank you, Kathryn, I knew you would create a wonderful send off for Reg. Everything went just as I had hoped, relaxed and friendly and the venue was ideal too, allowing everyone to mingle. The ceremony was a true reflection of who he was and a wonderful celebration of his life. Thank you for your time, energy and passion to give him the best send-off we could have asked for. Shan Applebaum - 01/08/2017

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