What does a cremation cost, a burial cost, or a funeral cost with Picaluna?


Picaluna believes in 100% price transparency, so we do things a little differently. We see our role as being to assist and empower families to create meaningful and authentic farewells that are aligned with their values. We are completely transparent with our pricing, sourcing everything at wholesale price and applying a 35% Service fee to the wholesale cost of the funeral. Furthermore, we donate 5% of our Service fee to a charity of your choice.

As part of our Price transparency ethos, following are some of the common prices for cremation, burial and funeral costs we provide (all costs are inclusive of GST). Picaluna funeral price and cremation price starts from a no service, no attendance cremation at $2,327, and a no service, no attendance burial, including open and close of plot fees, at $4,150.

Transport of the deceased to our mortuary from place of death: ranges from $313.50 to $379.50

Storage at our mortuary: $55/night

Preparation of person at our mortuary

  • Basic preparation: $185
  • Temporary preservation: $275
  • Full Embalming: $615

Hearse hire (for transfer of the deceased from our mortuary to venue/ cemetery/ crematorium): ranges from $660 to $990

Hire of cooling plate: $110/night

Coffins: range from $150 to $3,685

ViewingThere is no charge for a viewing if it is a funeral with a service

For a no service, no attendance cremation: $150

Funeral arranger’s fee

For a funeral with a service: $1,364

For a no service, no attendance cremation: $495

Venue hire: ranges from $0 to $2,000

Cremation fees: range from $450 to $950

Burial fees (open and closing of the plot): ranges from $1,100 to $4,400

Death Certificate from BDM: $66

Cremation Certificates: $264

We use external suppliers for mortuary services: Mortuary Support Services – owned and managed by Suzanne Stricker – 50/5 Inglewood Place, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153.
And Independent Mortuary Services – owned by PSA and operated by Tania Wilson – 1/5 Joule Pl, Tuggerah NSW 2259

We use an external supplier for Cremation services: Australian Cremation Services Pty Ltd – owned and managed by Wayne Wucsko – 12 Maxim Place ST MARYS NSW 2760