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Celebrant, Funeral Director

Funeral services are time-honoured traditions that acknowledge and honour your loved one. A funeral provides the opportunity to acknowledge that life and to say goodbye. It is an opportunity to share, to laugh, to cry. In whatever form it takes, it is an opportunity to show respect to the person who has passed, and to demonstrate support to those who are affected by the death.

The funeral honours the life of the person who has passed and can bring a level of comfort to those who are close. It is a great opportunity to share your loved one’s life experiences and also to learn about their life and times from others.

The Funeral Ceremony allows people to express and share their feelings. It often brings people together who may not have met for a while, to reflect on their memories. For many, the ceremony may be the final chapter of what may have been a time of great sadness, sometimes prolonged, and although that doesn’t finish on the day it may be the point where they return to a “new normal”.

As your funeral director & celebrant Cheryl will plan & deliver a funeral that will truly honour your loved one.