Northern Beaches, Northern Suburbs
Celebrant, Funeral Director

Martin from Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been a funeral celebrant for 15 years, and a funeral director with Picaluna for 5 years.
Martin’s background is in behavioural science and he applies this skill to the design of the funeral services that he delivers.
He says “whichever way you look at it, a funeral ceremony is a showcase of the person who has died, the legacy they left behind, and an opportunity for their family and friends to take the first step in moving on without them.”
Martin has the reputation of being very kind, and very inventive.
When someone dies no one seems to know what to say. Martin’s mission is to allow people to express themselves in beautifully crafted funeral ceremonies that allow them to remember the deceased’s life not their death, and to allow them to be sad that the deceased died, but also to celebrate that they were here.
As far as he is concerned, there are no rules – the ceremony should be faithful to the memory of the deceased, not attempting to make them someone they were not.
Martin is a bit of an action man, he’s a paragliding pilot and a commercial hot-air balloon pilot. If you have been on a balloon ride, he may have even been your pilot.
Martin has the experience and the ability to give you what you would have wanted, had you known that it was available.
So just pick up the phone and tell him what’s on your mind – he’s here to help you.
Mobile: 0409 713 350