FUNERALS ONLINE – Story of a Lifetime
A Picaluna Funeral Online is an innovative way to approach a traditional funeral or memorial ceremony in a modern way, while also creating a treasured tribute telling the story of a lifetime.
The sophisticated webcast enables everyone to be part of the ceremony from wherever they are, and to join together for a hugely important shared moment. Viewers can interact in real time, sharing memories of their own and leaving messages of condolence.
The ceremony can be viewed as it happens, or as a recording afterwards. Experience has shown us that families appreciate being able to re-watch all or part of the ceremony in the days and weeks after, finding renewed comfort in the memories shared and stories told. 
And in the longer-term, it moves beyond its origins as a funeral and takes on a new life as a beautiful memorial tribute that can be watched again and again, telling the story of a lifetime that can be shared with future generations.
Families choosing to hold a funeral online will be supported by a Picaluna team of Funeral Director and Celebrant, with the addition of a Webcast Producer to pull everything together. We’ll give you lots of help, advice and instructions. 
The webcast can be viewed on any device without the need for extra apps or software. Simply open up the webpage address we give you, enter the password, and the webcast will appear. Families remain in control of who is able to watch through our RSVP system.
This service is open to anyone, irrespective of which Funeral Director you have chosen, wherever you are in Australia. And if you’ve already held a funeral but would like to hold a ceremony online too, we can help.


$3,640 includes; full pre-production, live streaming of the Funeral online, post-production, celebrant and video keepsake of the funeral.