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Picaluna is changing the face of the funeral industry and bringing heart into the work.

Picaluna understands and honours what celebrants bring to their vital role in communities; we appreciate the skills and integrity celebrants offer, to work with the family in the challenging time from pre-death to post-funeral.


Mastering the Funeral industry from the inside out, gaining greater understanding, we help you develop your craft, to better serve those in need.


We work together. Picaluna supports you in the role of celebrant and funeral arranger, assisting you to refine, manage and deliver your business the way you want to, so you can keep it authentic for others. We help you source your own funerals. 


By honouring the importance and the healing capacity of the ceremony, we place utmost emphasis on helping families; underpinned by honesty, affordability and transparency. You will have complete creative freedom over the funeral process from beginning to end; inspiring families to create a very meaningful farewell. Helping you give back - by donating 5% of Picaluna’s Funeral Service fee to a charity of the family’s choice, we’re continually supporting the communities you serve.


Be respected and paid your worth, with the flexibility to plug in and plug out, depending upon your situation at the time. By joining and becoming a vital part of the Picaluna team, you will be a member of a supportive, passionate and inclusive community of like-minded and creative people, changing the way funerals and ceremony are done for the better.


Exciting challenges lie ahead, and we feel we’re at the beginning of an exciting journey.

Join us as we continue to grow, helping more and more families and changing the way funerals are done for the better.


You’ll kick off your first day with an Induction session; an in-depth learning on all things Picaluna: our beginnings, culture, disciplines, business model, your choices, and marketing tips. You’ll also be paired up with a Mentor who will help guide you along your Picaluna path. You will also have the opportunity to have some promotional short videos filmed of you, talking about yourself, the best funeral you’ve attended, why you joined Picaluna etc.


Speaking of growth, we place a huge emphasis on continual learning. To that end, we provide you ongoing Professional Development in the form of conferences, courses, a resource platform, books, practical sessions… whatever inspires your curiosity and develops your abilities.



Once you have attended Induction Day, and had some interaction with your Mentor, you will have the choice to train as a fully-fledged Funeral director, which you will be remunerated for. Following is the process:

  • Serve as staff on the day at several funerals, to give you a feel for a variety of Picaluna ceremonies. 

  • Attend 4 x Zoom Formsharer training sessions, with homework to be completed in between sessions. An assessment is made upon completion of the 4 sessions.

  • Take part in 2 funeral ride-alongs; working side-by-side with an experienced Funeral director, you will attend the original consult meeting with the family; follow along in Formsharer as the Funeral director event manages the process; and finish off with attending the funeral as staff on the day. There will be an assessment at the end of the 2 ride-alongs. 

  • You will then be the lead Funeral director on 2 funerals, supported by an experienced Funeral director every step of the way, from original family consult meeting, through to preparing the final invoice. There will be an assessment following the 2 funerals. All things being equal, you will now be a Picaluna Funeral director! 


The Picaluna model provides you the flexibility to plug in/plug out. We are inclusive, allowing you the flexibility to work with other providers. We respect your right to get work from any number of sources. We also understand that at certain times in life, you need the flexibility to switch off i.e. holidays (school holidays); health reasons; if you’re too busy with weddings; if another opportunity presents itself; or if you’ve had a very busy period, and just need a break. 


Picaluna’s funeral process is underpinned by bespoke funeral arranging software we call Formsharer. It enables you to seamlessly plan and arrange a funeral; supporting you in your service to families. It does this comprehensively, allowing for the elimination of paperwork, by capturing information digitally, and populating the necessary forms to conduct a funeral. It saves time, eliminates errors, and lets you get on with the important task of caring for your families.


We encourage everyone to be a champion of the Picaluna Way

Always be in service - The success of Picaluna depends on the service of everyone in the Picaluna tribe. We all have a vested interest in Picaluna and work to achieve results that benefit everyone, including community, not just specific teams or individuals.


We do what we say we are going to do, and we admit when we make mistakes. We encourage feedback, uncomfortable or not. We always assume positive intent because we know that all feedback is given in a genuine effort to help us improve. We have a safe portal by which you can always communicate your ideas or feedback that will help us grow.

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"Shelly was fantastic and provided a lovely ceromony for my husband. It was just how we wanted it as he had asked for a 'humanist' funeral. She was supportive and gently took us through the process of organising the ceremony and his 'celebration of life'. Everything, including all the little details Shelly took care of and I feel lucky that we had expertise and support in organising the funeral at such a difficult and overwhellming time."