Venues … it’s your choice

Assisting you to find the most fitting venue for your ceremonial needs

Picaluna is about choice, time, flexibility, and honouring people in an authentic and personal way.  An appropriate venue choice could be anywhere from a place of worship, a local crematorium or cemetery chapel, to perhaps conducting a non-traditional funeral service at a favourite surf or golf club, or even having the funeral at the family home.

From Brisbane CBD to Noosa, out to Toowoomba and the Gold Coast and everywhere in between, we are fortunate to be able to offer many beautiful spaces and locations for funeral ceremonies and wakes. Whether they be indoors, or at an outside funeral location, Picaluna believes in offering choice to their communities.

Picaluna works with an extensive number of premium and unique Venues in the Brisbane Metropolitan area, Glass House Mountains, Noosa, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Our experienced Picaluna funeral arrangers can assist you in finding, booking and working with the right venue for your needs.

Perhaps your person was a member of the local surf lifesaving association or loved the beach and the ocean.  In this case, it may be worth considering holding an outside funeral overlooking the ocean, or at the local surf lifesaving club followed by a wake function at the club.  Outdoor funerals also bring a deeper connection to nature, which can be part of a healing funeral service.

Was your loved-one part of the local Church community, or did they attend a place of worship or a location that allowed connection with their spirituality?  Picaluna honours all faiths and beliefs and can work alongside your family in arranging a funeral that respects the places where solace and comfort can be found, supporting the funeral rites and rituals of your particular doctrine.

For many non-traditional funerals, Picaluna looks to find unique locations that bring meaning to family and friends of that person.  Some outdoor funeral locations like local parks can bring great connection to nature and community. Even indoor funeral venues like wedding venues or community halls that may have never hosted a funeral service before can be an inspired choice of funeral venue.  Picaluna gains the necessary permissions from the local council or venue hosts, before such events take place.

Picaluna can also advise on the right style of catering company to suit the requirements of your wake celebration.

Choosing the right venue

When choosing the right venue option for a funeral service or memorial ceremony, there are many elements to consider when creating the style of ceremony you would like that would work best for your chosen venue.

What is the capacity of the venue?

Will there be rituals that need to take place outside? (E.g. smoking ceremony before entering a space, burning notes or planting a tree..)

How will the music be played?

What area will form the backdrop to the ceremony?

Will slideshows be part of the ceremony or wake or both?

Will the space be connected to nature?

Will there be tributes involving candles, coffin decoration or live music?

Will the location be a part of religious services?

Will there be catering or refreshments for attendees?

What is the access like to the ceremony location?  (E.g. is there wheelchair access required?)

Is there sufficient parking?

Is the location easy to find?

Picaluna works with an extensive number of premium and unique Venues in the Sydney Metropolitan area, lower Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, the NSW Central Coast, South Coast, Mid North Coast, Far North Coast, Newcastle, Greater Melbourne and Greater Brisbane.