Beautifully better funerals

Funeral Directors

More personal. More compassionate. More simple in the planning. And importantly, more affordable. We’re here to help you say goodbye in whatever way you feel is the right way. We’ll be there to help guide you at every step. And we’ll do it all with honesty and integrity.

What happens now?

It starts with a call

You can call our Picaluna team at any time to discuss your particular situation, and start the funeral planning process.

Brought into our care

Acting with compassion, care and respect, we make all the arrangements to transfer the deceased person into our care.

We meet with you

Our funeral arranger meets with you to help and guide you in creating a funeral that is meaningful, personal and within your budget.

Everything is organised

We carefully organise and
professionally deliver a personalised funeral – one that’s totally aligned with your wishes and feels authentic to the memory of your loved one.

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Changing the way funerals are done for the better

Are you searching for non-traditional funeral homes in your area? Picaluna is all about offering genuine, personal funerals, helping family, friends and the community to honour, mourn, celebrate, heal and rejuvenate.

A little about us

What’s in a name?

Our founders were inspired by some extraordinary images of a
cliff-top funeral for a still-born baby named Luna. It was heart-felt, community-lead and beautiful. Little Luna gave us our name. Grazie Luna.
(Italian: piccolina – little one)


Picaluna is changing the way funerals are done for the better. It’s a change that needed to happen. More personal. 
More compassionate. And importantly, more affordable.


Picaluna is about community. Walking alongside the bereaved in their most significant time of need, is at the heart of what we do. We’re there for you, guiding, listening and assisting with whatever is needed to create the most meaningful
funeral possible.

Giving back

We believe in giving back.
Picaluna donates 5% of our profit to your choice from one of our Picaluna Charity partners.

We work with you

Picaluna’s team of funeral directors and funeral celebrants offer a wealth of experience and expertise to guide you in the creation of an appropriate funeral ceremony.  Being a different style of funeral home in your area, we pride ourselves on our personal approach – we’re all about providing you with the right information and appropriate support to honour your person. We work in our communities and alongside end-of-life consultants, death doulas and palliative support workers to provide a continuity of care when you need it most.

Be inspired - do it your way

At Picaluna, we believe in creating truly unique and personalised farewells. We’re a different kind of funeral home in your area. We work together with families to create life celebrations or personal funerals that take place in meaningful locations. Whether this is your church, your backyard, a surf club, golf club or crematorium chapel. Picaluna funeral directors take the time to guide you through the funeral planning; to help inspire you in creating a beautiful farewell for your special person.

What does a funeral cost?

Picaluna does things a little differently to traditional funeral homes in your area; we see our role is to assist and empower families to create meaningful and authentic farewells that are aligned with their values… and at an affordable price. We are completely transparent with our pricing, sourcing everything at cost and applying a 35% Service fee to the wholesale cost of the funeral.

We believe in giving back

We donate 5% of our profit to your choice from one of our Picaluna Charity partners.

We have donated in excess of $105,000 to well over 160 different charities, since our launch in October, 2016.

Cremation and Burial done beautifully better

Whether it’s cremation services in your area you’re after, or a burial, we’re here to help you farewell your loved one in a truly beautiful way, with our support and guidance at every step. Cremation cost starts from $2,585, with a Burial cost starting from $7,116


Funeral live streaming

The livestreaming of a funeral ceremony brings family and friends together no matter how far apart they are. Picaluna provides sophisticated multi-camera options for livestreaming and webcasting. Whether in a traditional funeral home in your area or a backyard, it can take place in almost any location. A high-quality recording is also available for download following the ceremony as a special reminder of the day.

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Tansey Keys
7 June 2024

I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful Funeral Director in Sarah Tolmie. Thank you for the support, care and guidance you gave us it was beyond my expectations and truly sincere. I would absolutely recommend Sarah, and Picaluna Funerals.

Mark Hughes
26 May 2024

Highest recommendation. Very personalised service. Kind, thoughtful and well-organised.

I can thoroughly recommend Sarah Tolmie and End of life services - this is my second tome of entrusting my loved ones to Sarah's care - and she is beautiful, calm and professional on every front - she makes everything special and easy at such difficult times. Thanks Sarah for everything. Margie

Carol Askew
2 May 2024

Sarah was so caring and helpful who attended our home clearly explained what was required and what options were available to us at this emotional time. Sarah offered us a package well within our financial budget in comparison to other expensive quotes that other funeral services offered and on line and no personal assistance. Talking to Sarah assisted my Aunt in understanding the process and answered all her questions and mine and has kept us informed and welcomed any questions my Aunt needed answering, Sarah listened, her service was excellent and she is lovely to talk to can only give her the highest praise and thanks for all her assistance. Carol and Barbara

Kindness, empathy, mindfulness, love, reflection, just some of the words to describe our experience with Jacqueline Coan and Picaluna, on the passing of our dear mum. Not only were all arrangements organised seamlessly, the thoughts and generousness of Jaqi made this a much easier experience. Jaqi even wore my mother’s favourite colour, red, at all our meetings and this made for the perfect closure. So many heartfelt thanks.

David Potter
28 April 2024

Faced with the prospect of handling our son, Patrick’s funeral remotely from the UK, we were very fortunate to have chosen Picaluna and blessed to have Alexandra appointed to assist us. For almost a year she supported us with kindness, compassion and patience. She helped us with all the aspects of the funeral, registering the death, and eventually organising the scattering of his ashes at Bathurst. Not only that, Alexandra also gave us many pieces of sound advice that helped us overcome several hurdles in remotely managing his estate. In short, Alexandra went far beyond what anyone could expect from a funeral director. We were delighted to have her work with us at what was a very difficult time.