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Are you organising a Memorial Service

Organising a memorial

Following the death of someone significant in your life, it is important to put aside the space and time to grieve. A Funeral, remembrance ritual or Memorial ceremony performs this important role. In conducting this significant rite of passage, you are giving those who are suffering, permission to grieve. This is a very powerful step on the pathway to healing.

A memorial service can provide many personal options and flexibility beyond a traditional funeral. Particularly if you will also be hosting a wake directly following the ceremony.

Many of our Picaluna Funeral directors are also Funeral and Wedding Celebrants and this gives them access to a wealth of knowledge in guiding you toward appropriate wake and memorial venues.

During the days of the pandemic, funerals and end of life rites had to adapt to the setting of the moment. This put many on a pathway where they were unable to perform the kind of tributes they would have wished for their loved one.

A memorial ceremony, planned at a time that allows contributions from those who would like to be involved, offers a large variety of farewell options.

What you can include in your Memorial?

Organising a memorial
Organising a memorial

Professional Funeral Celebrant

Picaluna Celebrants are committed to delivering highly personalised ceremonies for Funerals and Memorials; genuine, caring celebrations, reflecting the person’s life, their family, friends and community. The role of a specialist funeral celebrant moves far beyond that of a master or mistress of ceremony. They are trained to take mourners on the delicate emotional journey of an end of life ceremony. Also included in their celebrant ‘tool kit’ is a knowledge of healing rituals and symbolism that can enhance the memorial experience for all those involved.


Picaluna works with an extensive number of premium and unique Venues in the Sydney Metropolitan area, lower Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, and Newcastle. You may like some helpful advice in choosing the right kind of venue for your special Service. Check out some of our venues.


Picaluna has some of the finest funeral suppliers in Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Newcastle. Working with you, our funeral arranger can guide you to all the elements you may require for planning a memorial service.

  • Designing & printing of Order of Service Booklets
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Operation
  • Livestreaming
  • Florists
  • Helpful Funeral Staff
  • Musicians
  • Caterers


In the absence of a person’s body, it is important to consider a focal point for the memorial ceremony that represents the person who has died. This could be anything from a framed, enlarged photograph, centrally placed ashes or choosing a particular location for the gathering.

A focal point for a room could be a collection of significant items or memorabilia that are symbolic of the person and the many facets that made up their life.

A great example of this is the symbolism created at Steve Irwin’s memorial service at his beloved Australia Zoo, following his sudden death. A setting that was deeply personal to he and his family. A camp-style set-up in the Zoo’s main amphitheatre represented the many aspects of Steve’s life. There was the ute, the swag, his surfboard and many other pieces placed for this unique tribute.

In symbolising Steve’s physical departure from this world, all the camp items were quietly packed away by a man wearing the khaki’s Steve was renowned for. This ritual was perfectly accompanied by the very Australian song “True Blue” sung live by John Williamson. So powerful. So personal. So befitting of the man. What the moment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USzT8NtNngc

This memorial farewell is a great example of the importance of symbolism, ritual, personalisation and meaning within ceremony. It is also some inspiration for the Memorial service you might be planning.

For more information and inspiration, please talk to one of our marvellous Picaluna Funeral arrangers.

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