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Picaluna Words of Wisdom: The whole series!

PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #1 – Planning an authentic and beautiful funeral all starts long before the time of need by starting the conversation. Picaluna’s Elizabeth explains how and why we should all be talking more.



PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #2 – Take your time when it’s time to say farewell. Big decisions don’t need to be rushed. Listen to some timely advice from Picaluna’s Kathryn.


PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #3 – Music is a great way to open the conversation. What songs would you want played to send you on your way? Picaluna’s Liz goes for an unusual choice…..


PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #4 – The right rituals for you. What can we do to say goodbye in the most appropriate and authentic way? Picaluna’s Kathryn shares some top tips and ideas.


PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #5 – It’s all about location (and not a rushed 45 minutes in a chapel). Golf clubs, RSLs, hotels, function rooms, gardens, parks or at home. Where would you want to be farewelled? Check out this idea from Picaluna’s Elizabeth.

PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #6 – Get involved! Take an active role in planning the funeral and caring for the person who’s passed away. We’ll guide you through. Those who do say it’s a rewarding experience that helps on the journey of grief. Find out more from Picaluna’s Kathryn.



PICALUNA WORDS OF WISDOM #7 – Open your mind to all kinds of possibilities! We’ll create a funeral that suits exactly what you want, not what “the system” wants you to have. Picaluna puts people before the process. Hear how from Picaluna’s Elizabeth.


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