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Speaking out to beat cancer

Hundreds of people gathered at Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to farewell a popular 22-year-old tradie whose death shocked the whole community.

Dylan Butler went to the doctor after complaining of back ache, which he thought was due to work, but he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It had already spread to his liver, lungs and brain. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery couldn’t save his life. His mother is urging other young men to regularly check for signs of the disease and speak out so it can be caught early.

Picaluna was honoured to help his family create a beautiful, authentic and memorable farewell which encapsulated many elements of his too-short life, from music to painting and heartfelt tributes. As a keen fisherman, it was the perfect choice to hold his ceremony outdoors by the ocean. Many took to social media to post tributes using the hashtag #restinparadisedylanRest_In_Paradise_Dylan

One friend said, “All of your family and friends came together to celebrate your life. It was hard but at the same time made many of us laugh when told the funny stories and all that came with them. The amount of people who came along to celebrate you and your life was incredible, all it did was prove how many people you touched and came across in your life in so many different ways. It was a beautiful ceremony and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. You were a very courageous young man and the strongest person I have ever met.”

Grateful thanks go to the Picaluna team lead by Kathryn Breusch for an amazing send-off for Dylan.

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