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What are the best Funeral Flowers?


Whether you are looking for flowers for a funeral service, life celebration funeral, outside funeral, cremation or burial, memorial service, scattering ashes ceremony or non-traditional funeral service it is important to find the best flowers. 

What is your favourite flower?

Well, when searching for the right ones there are many factors that need to be considered.

Colour is a key feature which needs to be thought about when looking for funeral service flowers. Each colour brings a different symbol and meaning and this can help with choosing the right colour.  For example, the colour red can signify love, courage and respect.  White can be viewed as innocence, purity and youthfulness and yellow can mean friendship, loyalty and devotion.  The colour of a flower can portray and represent a certain emotion and we believe it is important to consider when finalising the colour of your flowers. 

When contemplating a certain colour, thinking about the shade of it is crucial. Varying from a bright and vibrant colour to a soft, pale or pastel colour is one of the things to consider when deciding on colours. 

What types of flowers can be used for a funeral service

Well there are many different varieties and types of flowers that can be used for funeral services and as a Sydney funeral director we have seen so much variety. 

The most popular flowers used for funerals are carnations, orchids, hydrangea, gladiolus, tulips, chrysanthemums, roses and lilies. With many of these flowers coming in various colours and shapes it allows you to have a larger variety and to be picky when it comes to finding the perfect flowers to use. 

Certain flowers can also hold a symbolic meaning, especially in relation to funerals. For example, the flower called a forget-me-not, represents true love and is a promise that you will never forget them in your thoughts. 

The use of rosemary is a sign of remembrance and is traditionally worn by mourners. While roses are a symbol of love and lilies represent innocence and rebirth. The symbolism of these flowers can add a special touch to your service making it that much more personal.

As professional funeral directors, we have come to learn the little touches can make your service so much more remarkable and memorable. 

How is this done? Including fragrant flowers can be a specific touch that when added to a funeral in order for a more personalised feel. The jasmine flower lets off a sweet and fruity smell of which signifies love and in some cultures represents appreciation and good luck. 

Another example is the eucalyptus, which holds a very significant meaning. For Indigenous people, eucalyptus is regarded as the holy tree and represents the separation of the underworld, earth and heaven. Eucalyptus also has cleansing properties, clearing away negative energy and purifying the space in which it is burned. Incorporating these flowers into your service is something to think about when considering your overall flower arrangements and can be a nice addition to your service. 

There are so many options and so much variety out there, which is why finding the right flowers is vital. Taking into consideration all of these factors will hopefully help in making the final decision on your floral arrangements. 

Ask your Picaluna Funeral Director for their advice and experience when choosing funeral flowers.  Picaluna works with a number of floral artisans who create unique funeral flower arrangements with that truly personal touch.

By Esther Heffernan