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A beautiful goodbye – in any language

Picaluna had the honour of helping to farewell IRT resident Malcolm Burden at Rookwood Cemetery. Malcolm spent his final years at IRT Berala on the Park at Auburn. We worked with his friends and the staff at IRT Group to create a traditional funeral than fitted his wishes. And because some of his closest friends are deaf, we brought in a sign language interpreter to make it a fully inclusive ceremony.

Picaluna Funeral Planner Kathryn Breusch said, “The interpreter was amazing to watch. They way she was able to quickly transcribe and deliver what the Minister was saying was extraordinary. Our role as funeral directors for Picaluna was to pall bear Malcolm back to the hearse.” Kathryn also had a great experience working alongisde IRT. She said, “IRT was fabulous. We were all very clear about what we needed to do. We had lots of time to prepare for Malcolm’s funeral and that was the catalyst of being able to make it a very gentle process. ”


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