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Fun Funerals Picaluna
Fun Funerals

Celebrating Life with Unique and Unconventional Farewells What do you think of when you hear the word funeral?  Thoughts of sadness and formality? A sombre event

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Being a Funeral Director with Picaluna
Being a Funeral Director with Picaluna

Picaluna’s Focus on Celebrant-Centric Philosophy

When it comes to the delicate task of planning and conducting a funeral or memorial ceremony, the unique role of a funeral director cannot be understated.

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Eco Friendly Funerals

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, even the way we say our final goodbyes is undergoing a transformative shift.

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The Digital Transformation of Funerals

Impact of Digital Technology on the Funeral Industry: Picaluna Funerals innovating farewells through virtual memorials

In the digital age, also known as the technology age, we find our lives and businesses intertwined with technology and virtual mediums.

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