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Boney M’s funeral disco soundtrack

The spray of orchids my family to whom I officiated their mums’ funeral on the 18th August gave me are standing tall. They are still beautiful and as I look at them I am reminded of the beautiful services we had for this family’s mum. I say services as they chose the new updated Kantara House at Green Point as the venue but as Greenway Chapel is directly across the road they have decided not to do funerals with the deceased in place. But memorials, they welcome. Oh and the champagne flowed following the ceremony and the food was the best, ever!

On this occasion the planner for Picaluna Funerals was the ever so lovely Lola and I was the celebrant. Firstly, we had a beautiful service at the Hillside Chapel at Palmdale with just family attending. The flowers which adorned mums wicker casket were beautiful. And the Orchids that were from the family’s garden were plentiful and made the room light up with freshness and a vitality of life. Family took their time to say goodbye and as music echoed throughout the chapel tears of sadness and also of gratitude for a lovely human being taken by cancer at age 73 were ever present. This time spent was ever so important to her loving husband of nearly 50 years.

When there is a celebration of life I incorporate a candle ritual whereby four candles are lit for all the emotions that everyone is feeling then a larger candle is lit for all those emotions combined. Anna’s two sons and her two grandchildren lit the smaller candle then her husband stepped forward to light her memory candle. It was a very special part of the ceremony.

And what else was very special is the song that was chosen as everyone left the chapel. It was Boney M’s Rasputin!!! Wow we did rock it, I know I did. Actually some of the younger ones hadn’t heard of it. And yet all afternoon that is all I could think of and every time now as I think of that song I think of this beautiful lady, her beautiful family, her wonderful orchids and Rasputin.

Thank you to Picaluna Funerals, I am so happy to be associated with this group of caring and inspirational people.

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