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Calling Coasties for a Fabulous Funeral

Do you want a fabulous funeral?  Local holistic celebrant and independent funeral planner Sarah Tolmie wants people on the Central Coast to have exactly that.  As more families demand change and want to do things differently, Sarah has issued an open invitation to a new community workshop and discussion event.

Fabulous funerals are now easier, more accessible and more affordable than ever thanks to the arrival of innovative funeral operators like Picaluna, and an emergence of death awareness and death-literacy events. “The movement for change is definitely building and funerals are returning back to families as an occasion where they are empowered to be involved and offered options, choices and the freedom to fully express the life of their loved one and attend to their needs in the most authentic way they want,” said Sarah.

“The funeral is an important time of community gathering and meaning making.  When done well, the planning of a funeral and the ceremonial experience can be a rich space of healing, storytelling, meaning making and relationship honouring.  To facilitate this takes time for the intimate journeying into the story of a loved one’s life, death and family landscape, to ensure the right choices, options and expression is found.”

Sarah can explain how to take ownership of your funeral choices by presenting some different options, ideas and pathways available now and sharing her recent funeral practice experiences.  She can help begin the conversation and de-mystify death and dying with lots of practical help and advice.

“I intend to create a free-form and organic opportunity for discussion. Make it interesting and fun. I’ll be guided by the questions and curiosity of my guests.  We can discuss DIY funerals, ‘green choices’, what are home vigils and the differences between funerals versus a memorial.  I’d love to hear what people might want for their farewell and we can workshop what is possible and how they can begin planning for it,” said Sarah. “I will also have some other industry experts on hand to answer questions on costs, funeral planning and pre-paid options.”

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