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Choosing A Coffin for a Funeral Service


Whether choosing the coffin for a traditional or non-traditional funeral it can, for many, be one of the most confronting parts of the funeral arrangement meeting. As funeral directors and funeral celebrants at Picaluna, we deeply understand the many layers of meaning that sit around that, sometimes challenging, task of choosing a coffin for your loved one.  


There is a lot to consider. 

But whether the coffin is for a cremation or burial, a religious funeral or natural burial, there is an appropriate coffin for everyone, it’s just about finding the right one. 

There are so many various types of coffins out there, varying in material, shape, size, colour and cost. But the first thing you want to establish is your budget and the most suitable style. Having a set parameters on how much you are willing to spend allows you to narrow down your options, making it an easier task to find the right coffin. 

How much do they cost?

The average price of a Picaluna coffin ranges from about $450-$1500 and will depend on the manufacturing, materials and the supplier. Cardboard coffins start at $165.  All of these factors determine the cost of your coffin so thinking about if these matter to you can help with your decision.

Picaluna offers all its coffins at cost price.  We also welcome discussion on making your own coffin or decorating a cardboard coffin.  We also have a beautiful range of woven caskets made from a variety of natural materials.  There is so much variety when it comes to coffin types which can make it an overwhelming decision. 


Cardboard coffins, traditional coffins, eco coffins, woven caskets, timber coffins, banana leaf casket, pandanas and bamboo caskets are some examples of options available to choose from.  You may also consider having images printed and wrapped over the coffin or decorate it yourself.  Sometimes a simple coffin can be draped and completely covered with meaningful fabric or covering.

Woven caskets are all eco-friendly, made from all organic materials, and from sustainable fibres. This range is called the Greenature range and is a distinctive characteristic that can make your coffin choice more unique. 

Detail can be very important when picking out your coffin, which is why the colour and design is something that should be considered. Each coffin will come with a range of corresponding colours and will vary depending on the type of material you have chosen. 

Varying timbers-looks and veneers that could be thought about are white, walnut, mahogany, rosewood, maple, ashwood and teak.  Features on the coffin such as the handles and lining are small additions that are typically looked over. 

Personalising a coffin

Personalisation of a coffin is also a great way to make your funeral service memorable and this can be done in so many ways. One way this can be achieved is through coffin wrapping. Coffin wrapping is a great way to personalise a coffin by either having it custom-made or themed. Examples of themed or custom coffin wrapping include animals and nature, places, floral, sea & surf, religious, flags, custom photos or an Aboriginal print wrap. 


Each personalised wrap can be tailored to the interests of your person as well as create a long-lasting memory through their coffin. Memorabilia is also another way in which you can farewell your loved one in a unique way. Memorabilia such as photos, jerseys, jewellery, stuffed animals, awards, hobby items, flowers and books are all examples of personal touches you can add to the top of the coffin. Each of these items should reflect your person’s personality and interests as well as include favourite aspects from their life. These personal items and memorabilia can be a great touch to a coffin as well as create a more individual and special experience for loved ones. 

To discuss your needs or to find out more about Picaluna’s coffin range or even ideas and inspiration around coffin decoration, please get in touch.

by Esther Heffernan

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