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Different types of Funerals in Sydney

What are the different types of Funerals in Sydney

It’s challenging to plan a funeral ceremony for a loved one. It can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. The pressure of having to do everything required to honor their memory along with managing your personal capacity to cope might make things even more difficult.

That is why it is worth taking the time to find the right Funeral Service provider to suit your needs and to guide you through the process, making it as stress-free for the family as possible.

Here at Picaluna, Sydney, every funeral is handled with the utmost care, respect, and dignity. All of our funeral arrangers and celebrants are trained to meet the unique needs of your loved ones. Our Funeral directors in Sydney are skilled, flexible, and compassionate. When it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one, we are conscious of varied cultures, rites, rituals, personality and style.

We respect that each funeral is unique, and we take pride in providing care and services that are tailored to each family we serve. We will assist you in making decisions as well as designing a service that best reflects your loved one’s life.

There are numerous types of funeral services to choose from. These are some of them:

Traditional Funerals

A full-service funeral in a Chapel or Church can sometimes be known as a traditional funeral, which involves a funeral ceremony followed by cremation or burial. These traditional services include the ceremony as well as ‘body disposal’, as it is known.

The ceremony is held in a church or chapel first, followed by cremation or burial in a pre-booked location. In most circumstances, a viewing can be held either immediately before the service begins or a few days prior the funeral ceremony day. You may also like to consider a time of vigil with the body of your loved-one, whether in your own home or a funeral home setting. A member of the church clergy or a professional funeral celebrant usually conducts traditional Funeral services Sydney.

Picaluna is staffed by experienced funeral directors and funeral celebrants who provide professional, personal service and transparent pricing of all funeral costs to make saying goodbye to your loved one easier.

Direct Burial Services

Another option is a direct burial or committal. Meaning that burial of the body occurs without a funeral service. You may not desire to have any mourners in attendance during the burial itself and this might be a simple, cost-effective and reasonable solution. In this Direct Burial, the body is buried generally without a viewing or a full service taking place and is generally with only the funeral staff present. If there are mourners in attendance for the burial, we usually call this a Graveside Service because the burial itself will be witnessed by those who knew the deceased.

Sometimes the deceased’s family and friends are unable to attend the burial or a ceremony has taken place beforehand and the mourners have decided not to attend the burial. When the burial has already occurred and the ceremony then takes place, this is often known as a memorial service as the body is not present.

We recommend you contact us for plans and services available at Picaluna to gain a greater understanding of the best and most affordable option.

Cremation Services

Cremation is a method of disposing of a deceased person’s body within a cremator, burned at very high temperature, ultimately reducing the body to a combination of bones and ashes. In Sydney, it is the most popular form of body disposal. After the cremation service, you can either keep the deceased’s ashes in an urn or spread them in a location of your choice.

Depending on your preferences, cremation would usually take place immediately after the funeral ceremony. It can also occur without a service. This is known as a Direct Cremation or No Service/No Attendance Cremation. This service appeals to a large number of people because the process is relatively simple. It is said that Cremation is now chosen by 70% of people in urban areas and 56% of people in non-urban areas. The cremation might be incorporated within the funeral service or held as a separate event. It is the more common service as cremation is a more affordable form of body disposal, particularly in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, where the cost of purchasing a burial plot is often high.
Graveside ServiceAlthough most burials include graveside services, some people prefer to go to the graveside only. You can have the funeral ceremony performed graveside at the burial plot, or you can have a chapel or church service, prior to moving to a graveside service. This is sometimes reserved for only the closest family members as part of a committal service.

While many people favor traditional funeral rituals, some are now opting for more environmentally friendly and green options.We assure you that the entire burial service is done with sensitivity from start to finish. Your religious or non-religious preferences will be treated with the greatest respect.To learn more about Graveside Funeral Services, contact Picaluna.

Memorial Services

Memorial ceremonies are a common style of funeral ceremony, held to honour the deceased’s life. It can take place either before or after the cremation or burial, but most commonly done after disposal of the body. This service is held by a family or a community to commemorate a person’s death in public. It’s essentially a memorial service where everyone can remember the deceased and the wonderful relationships they built throughout their lives.

In this service you can choose the type of memorial venue that suits your needs and those of the bereaved. There is usually a lot more flexibility in the type of venue available as the coffin is not present, which can sometimes be restrictive.

A memorial venue could be a chapel or a place of worship, but it could also be a garden, a beach, a club, special location or even a restaurant that means something to the family. There is often more flexibility for families in choosing a date that works best for the memorial service to take place. It might even be on a significant date such as a birthday, anniversary, or other meaningful date. Because a memorial ceremony differs from a funeral service in that the deceased person’s body is not present. This means that the memorial service can be planned at any day whether a few days after the death or any other day of your choice.

What are the next trending Green Options?

There are methods to arranging an eco-friendly burial, particularly if your loved one was nature-friendly and environmentally conscious. So, here is a little bit of good news for nature lovers that many places are doing their best to accommodate more nature-friendly options. This is with an aim to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. In this kind of burial, the body is placed in a biodegradable coffin and without a large gravestone, in an area that is close to nature. And as technology advances, more and more new options will become available soon. The goal behind this is to promote natural looking burial area in a location connected to nature. Knowing what types of funeral services are available in your area will help you make a more informed decision.

When you understand the process, you can make better decisions for honoring your loved one. Picaluna Funeral Services will guide you through the steps and will be able to guide you in making a decision about the type of funeral service that best suits your needs.

Things to Consider

The sort of funeral ceremony you choose for your loved one should be one that feels like the best one for you and your family and who understands your needs best.

Whether you are arranging a traditional service with burial or a direct cremation for your loved one you should always ask for a quote and look for overall price transparency. If you are needing to save money on funeral costs, talk with your Picaluna funeral arranger about the most cost effective options available. Picaluna Funeral Services has served hundreds of local families and is a trusted brand in the business for all types of funerals. Call us at any time, day or night, and discuss your requirements.

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