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Examining our ethos


At Picaluna, we have three key points of difference that underpins our service to you:

  1. We do death differently, helping families to create a better way to say goodbye
  2. We offer open and transparent pricing
  3. We give back by donating 10% of our profits to a charity or cause nominated by the family

But what does that mean exactly? Here are some different ways of explaining what we do:

  1. We are a network of celebrants and professional planners creating authentic meaningful, family-led farewells
  2. Helping families make creative choices
  3. We team up with service providers such as florists, stationery providers, coffin suppliers, cemeteries and crematorium to tailor everything we do to suit the family’s needs
  4. Our service is underpinned by total price transparency
  5. We are open and clear about how we work and the cost of our services
  6. We add emotional and financial value to what we do
  7. We give peace of mind by ensuring everything is taken care of
  8. A funeral can be of any shape or size
  9. We enable communities to mourn, honour, celebrate and rejuvenate
  10. We give you all the freedom, guidance and time you need
  11. We aim to revolutionise the funeral industry by offering more bespoke experiences
  12. We are compassionate, supportive, caring and respectful


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