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Fire and Funerals


There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire telling stories and reflecting on the meaning of life.  The bright flames, burning embers, the sound of crackling wood.  The tranquillity gives space to memories, often of the people we have loved and lost.
Picaluna funeral directors in Sydney have used, among many rituals, the symbol of fire at an outdoor funeral as a way of honouring the person. Notes can be written by family and friends and placed in the fire ‘to go with them.’  Other ways you may like to include people is to take time decorating a cardboard coffin, or bring a cutting from their garden to place on an eco coffin – there are many to express your love.  A Picaluna funeral celebrant can guide you through the ceremony to add some truly authentic touches.

The funeral venue can also personalise the farewell experience. As an alternative to the crematorium chapels, Picaluna has paved the way in sourcing a variety indoor and outdoor venues for traditional and non traditional funeral services, which may overlook the ocean or a garden for example. Talk to your Picaluna funeral director to see if there is a suitable venue in your area.  These venues can also cater for the wake, which offer convenience … and where you can keep sharing many more stories and memories of this very special person together.

While we navigate these particularly difficult current world issues, we offer live streaming services so all who love this person can feel a part of the farewell.  Family and friend’s interstate or overseas can contribute by sending an audio or visual tribute.  This can be expressed by sharing the person’s biography (usually referred to as a eulogy) or an anecdote, they may like to record themselves singing or playing a musical instrument.  Your Picaluna funeral director or funeral celebrant encourage as much personalisation as possible, and will be able to discuss in more detail.

Picaluna walks alongside families offering all types of funeral services in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong.  Once the funeral service is complete, the cremation or burial will take place.  You may like to opt for a direct cremation or direct burial (including natural burials), which allows more time to create a memorial service or as it’s being referred to more often these days, a life celebration.  Some families like to hold a scattering of ashes ceremony at a date of significance to their loved one too.  Please know you can take as much time as you need so a truly heart-felt and meaningful honouring unfolds.  

Funeral costs in Sydney vary depending on whether it is a cremation or burial. You will need to contact your local cemetery if choosing burial or Picaluna’s direct cremation cost is $2,200.  The cost of a funeral where the coffin is present followed by a cremation will depend on a wide range of choices you and your family will make.  As a guideline the funeral can cost anywhere between $6,000-$11,000. A Picaluna funeral director will take the time to find out your needs and provide you with a transparent and tailored cost estimate.

We are often asked about funeral bonds or a prepaid funeral plan which provides great assistance to your family when the time comes. One of our funeral directors can come to your home to discuss your funeral needs and provide an accurate quote. The price is fixed and the money is held in a government trust.  We would be happy to sit with you and explain in more detail.
Next time you’re sitting around a campfire, take some time to reflect on what your farewell looks like – and most importantly let your family know!

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