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Funeral directors Sydney

Funeral directors Sydney

There are a lot of funeral directors in Sydney.

Not all funeral directors are the same and it pays to do your homework. Here are some tips that will save you a lot of heartache.

  • Navigating the funeral industry when someone has died, can leave you vulnerable to sales techniques such as ‘upselling’ and confused about the processes. Without an understanding of the industry and the way it works, you are likely to feel disempowered in your ability to make appropriate choices without the full knowledge of your funeral rights.
  • Be aware of your headspace. You can be in a state of shock, tired, emotional, feeling rushed – not a good headspace for conducting a negotiation with a funeral director.
  • The bulk of funeral directors in Sydney offer “a standard product”. A cremation with funeral service – a 45-minute funeral service at a crematorium, service provided by a funeral celebrant that they suggest, followed by a cremation, after which you go to another location or venue for a wake.
  • They are not too keen on non-traditional funeral services such as an outdoor funeral that are different to their standard product, or eco or cardboard coffins.
  • You might want something completely different, a non-traditional funeral service, if only you knew that it existed??? – and this is an area where Picaluna Beautiful Funerals excels.

Picaluna funeral directors
The Picaluna organisation at the present time has 40 funeral directors who operate in the Sydney area. Why so many? A Picaluna funeral director has a one-on-one relationship with you and takes personal responsibility for the funeral.

  • The Picaluna funeral director usually meets you at your home. They personally look after you from that first meeting, to the time that they deliver the deceased’s ashes to you.
  • They are in your team and often become trusted advisors in the process.
  • They can even help you plan a memorial service program or scattering of ashes ceremony.
  • They provide all the services (and more) that you would expect from a funeral parlour using the back-office systems provided by Picaluna. Who needs a funeral parlour anyway?
  • They design the funeral with you, the location, the style of ceremony, the audio-visual materials, funeral live streaming, the legal paperwork, the eulogy, the tributes ….. everything – and then provide the funeral using the supportive Picaluna infrastructure.
  • The Picaluna funeral director provides all the specialist guidance to create a funeral ceremony that supports your best healing – and Picaluna can cover your every request for the farewell, from the time and place of the service, to the transport, flowers, funeral live streaming and music.
  • The Picaluna team handles all the legal elements as well, like the death certificate, under the direction of the funeral director, and sends you the invoice for the service.

This gives you a completely different experience from a “run of the mill” funeral service.

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