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Funeral Webstreaming

Saying goodbye during lockdown

The world it seems has changed forever since the arrival of COVID19. Rather than stop on the street to say hello, we now form arcs around each other and rush past hurriedly. We are told to wear a mask, sanitise, check in, distance ourselves, don’t sing in church, never shake hands and don’t even dare to hug each other.It makes you wonder with such simple acts denied from our innate makeup as social creatures, how on earth can we ever pay proper respect to a lost loved one during lockdown? How can we console our grieving family members and pay proper reverence when only 10 mourners are allowed to gather?

Compounding the pain and loss felt after someone dies, the inability to grieve appropriately feels like another disruption, or an added layer to the agony in times that are just not normal.

How do you find an appropriate funeral venue during COVID lockdown? How do you find an appropriate funeral wake venue when everyone is shut or not willing to open and put of staff or cater for only 10 people? Is planning a memorial service program worth all the effort for only 10 people?

Grieving practices are crucial, and luckily humans are resilient, clever and able to adapt.

Once considered a non traditional funeral service, we are now incredibly grateful for the technological wonders of funeral live streaming. Funeral plans including this service are now very popular and allow us to welcome families and friends who are stuck overseas or interstate to take part of the funeral or memorial service and really feel like they are in the room and taking part. Investing in a professional live stream funeral service and giving those who are unable to make it a front row seat is worth every cent in the healing process.


Not only are those not in attendance able to be “present”, but they can also take part in the funeral service from afar. They might like to send through pre-recorded video tributes, perhaps a song performance, recording of a reading or poem dear to them or a gorgeously crafted photo slideshow. The ceremony is recorded, downloaded and kept forever which means that anyone overseas, living in a different time zone can watch the funeral ceremony at a more convenient time. Yes, planning a memorial service program for just 10 people in attendance IS worth it, because this too can be shared during the funeral livestreaming.


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  1. Thank you for letting me know that funeral live stream allows families and friends who are stuck overseas or interstate to participate in the funeral service. My parents can’t come to our relative’s funeral service. I should advise them to opt for Funeral Live Stream to ensure that every relative can take part in the grieving practice.

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