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Jayne’s Journey

Sometimes we meet people who have a deep and profound impact on us at Picaluna. Jayne Bernstam taught us so much as she carefully and thoughtfully planned her farewell.

Jayne played a big role in organising her funeral in the six months leading up to her death, working with Picaluna Funeral Director, Kathryn Breusch. Jayne helped plan the look, the content and the location of the ceremony. Jayne wanted to celebrate her love of Coogee and all the joy it has given her over the years, so she picked the Coogee headland for her funeral ceremony.


The well-known Coogee resident was renowned for her colourful dress sense and ensuring she always looked at her best and most glamorous. So it was no surprise she wanted her coffin to be stylish too. She personally decorated her white wicker casket to make sure it would look its absolute best for her final farewell.

Kathryn said, “It has been such a privilege assisting Jayne with all aspects of her funeral preparation. She was such a character and we have learned so much from her. At Picaluna, we specialise in holding ceremonies in locations that are personal and authentic, so this approach suited Jayne perfectly.”


Bondi-based Death Doula, Annabelle Peacock also worked alongside Jewish Care and Spiritual Palliative Care in Jayne’s final months. Annabelle said, “Jayne had that special ability to draw the right people close to her at the right time. It was a fulfilling experience to be able to work beside Jayne’s friends, family and other carers to allow her to die with such dignity and love.”

As Jayne’s death grew near, her close friend Martina Sandles joined with Palliative Care NSW to create a caring and comfortable space in Jayne’s home. After she passed, they held a beautiful vigil, washing and dressing her body in the clothing Jayne had especially chosen for her burial.

Jayne’s generosity in her dying experience will always be remembered with deep gratitude and respect by everyone involved.

Jaynes_Funeral_Coogee Beach_Sydney

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