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Role of a Funeral Director and Funeral Celebrants in Helping Organise A Funeral Service

The role of funeral directors or funeral celebrants is to work with the family in arranging the details and logistics of a funeral service, Memorial service or wake. They do this offering much-needed guidance, sympathy and compassion and providing support to the family and loved ones of the deceased. They coordinate with various service and product providers supplying the funeral, making sure that the funeral service planning is well managed, ensuring the Funeral runs as smoothly as possible.


Funeral directors can help with all types of services including planning a memorial service, a funeral service (whether it be a Cremation or a Burial), or just a No Service, No Attendance cremation. They will help you select an appropriate funeral venue, coffin, flowers and every other product or service that makes up the funeral you have organised with them. Most Funeral directors take pride in their job and do it with the utmost professionalism, compassion and support. Tasks handled by the funeral directors include – but are not limited to –

Before a funeral service

  • Help determine appropriate funeral plans after understanding the expectations and hopes of the deceased’s family.

  • Arrange the transfer of the deceased to a funeral home or mortuary facility; or if the family’s wish is to have their loved one at home for a home vigil, assist with the necessary care to enable that wish.

  • Provide facilities and make arrangements for the funeral service.

  • Handle and manage the necessary paperwork and documentation for cremation and burial services.

  • Place notices in national and/or local newspapers as well as online.

  • Coordinate the various product and service suppliers such as the service venue, coffin supplier, florist, the printers for the Order of Service booklets, celebrant and Funeral staff on the day.

On the day of the Funeral Service

  • Ensure that the wishes of the family and the deceased are adequately fulfilled on the day of the Funeral.

  • Ensure any special tributes or musical requests are included as a part of the funeral service.

  • Coordinate any funeral vehicles, as well as work with the funeral venue, including any catering for the attendees after the funeral.

  • Ensure the Order of Service booklets are distributed to the attendees at the service.

  • Ensure any floral tributes are placed nicely, and collection of any donations facilitated.

After the funeral

  • Make arrangements for the ashes to be delivered to the family, either in the Crematorium’s container, or an urn which can be nice for a scattering ashes ceremony.

  • Arrange thank-you and obituary cards.

  • Make arrangements for the transfer of the cremated remains of the deceased to a different region within the country or overseas, if required.

The Picaluna Way…

At Picaluna, we offer genuine, personal funerals, helping the community to honour, mourn, celebrate, heal & rejuvenate.

Operating across Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains, we assist families and communities to create a beautiful ceremony, understand the person, telling the story and quality of their life. Bringing experience, our approach is authentic, transparent and compassionate.


We change the way funerals are done for the better

Our professional Funeral directors will assist you with the Funeral services you require, including cremations, burials, memorials, live funeral streaming, home vigils, coffins and more.

Call us anytime to discuss your many options

The Picaluna approach is authentic and compassionate and is underpinned by 100% price transparency, plus the donation of 5% of our profits to a charity of your choice.

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