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The Perfect Funeral Venue

When looking for your perfect funeral venue there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Picaluna’s first suggestion would be to prioritise what the most important decision-making factors are for you, before making your funeral venue decision. For example, is it about choosing the most meaningful location to hold the funeral service?  Is it a more important for the location to be in close proximity to where the cremation or natural burial is taking place?

Is the funeral service going to be a memorial service or a scattering ashes ceremony without a body present, therefore no coffin in place and no hearse required? There are many details that need to be thought out and discussed.  Talking with your Picaluna Funeral Director is also a good place to sound-board your ideas.


Other factors such as the size of the funeral venue and how many mourners are likely to attend; location in terms of convenience and accessibility; equally whether it’s an indoor funeral or outdoor funeral, are all things that should be considered. As funeral directors we know the difficulty of finding your ideal funeral location which is why you need to ask yourself these questions, but you can also lean on our expertise and knowledge of local funeral venues in your area.

What size funeral venue is going to be most appropriate for our needs? Finding a suitably sized venue is important and can be based upon the number of guests attending. For funerals with over a 100 people, you may want to be looking for a reasonably large venue. Searching for funeral venues that can hold this capacity, near you, can be challenging. From a Sydney funeral director here are some examples of large wedding venues that could possibly suit you, Sergeants Mess, Waratah Funeral Receptions, Audley Dance Hall, Cropley House, Athol Hall, Wanda SLSC and the Old St Thomas Chapel. But if you are looking for a smaller venue for about fifty people or for a more private venue in general there are various options to choose from. This could be anywhere from a loungeroom, a backyard, a local club or park, to a more traditional funeral chapel or small private function room.

Having the luxury of a private venue can give the space a more intimate feel, as well as give a sense of comfort for the guests. And with a smaller venue you are able to make the room that much more personal for each individual. For a smaller venue our particular favourites are the Rose Chapel at Macquarie Park Crematorium, Lords Estate or partitioning the space at Milestone Events and for a private location you can look into a local community hall or sports club. 

Is an outdoor funeral right for me? If considering having an outside funeral there are certain preparations that need to take place and thought about before finalising a venue outdoors.  What is accessibility like for vehicles and those with mobility issues? Weather is a big factor that plays into the running of a funeral, so a backup option of an indoor venue is always needed. Unexpected events like this always need to be fully accounted for which is why the location of your outdoor venue is an important consideration.

There are so many different sceneries in which you can hold a funeral service it ultimately depends on what is most suitable for you. Suggestions for a beautiful outdoor funeral service are the McCarrs Creek reserve and Nielsen Park. Each of these funeral venues offer a unique outdoor experience and allow you to choose from the various location options.

It is best to consult with a Picaluna funeral professional with experience and knowledge in your area.

by Esther Heffernan

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