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Choosing A Funeral Director

If you’re like most people, you have been so focused on caring for your loved one in their final days, you may not have given much thought to their funeral service, and now in the shock of yourgrief, you have to find a Funeral Director. You’re probably sitting in a quiet room on your own for the first time in hours, hopefully with a cup of tea, phone in hand, googling Funeral Director inmy suburb.

Funeral Director Sydney

You click on the top one or two sites and are instantly overwhelmed, it’s all gobbledygook and jargon and it’s so hard to tell if they’re a good funeral director or not and you haven’t even begun to think about cremation or burial as yet?!

Cremation costs…


Funeral director, funeral celebrant (what is the difference anyway?!) …

Funeral live streaming (what?) …

Planning a Memorial service

Cardboard coffins

So many options, so many decisions to be made to plan a funeral service, such a short time frame. Where to begin?

Knowing what to expect of your Funeral Director is a good place to start, and then, we recommend picking up the phone!

A good Funeral Director should help you:

  1. Slow down and take a breather. There is no rush!

  2. Feel like your loved one is the most important person right now.

  3. Understand what needs to happen first and prioritise the rest of the decisions.

  4. Take into consideration the particular needs of YOUR family. For example, funeral costs, or that Mum wanted an outside funeral. Or you have a lot of families overseas so will need exceptional funeral live streaming (so important, especially during covid-19 lockdowns).

If by this stage, you felt comfortable working with a Funeral Director like Picaluna, who helped you with the above steps, then it’s a good sign you can proceed. If you felt rushed, bombarded, or like it was just another day at work for the funeral director you spoke with, then we recommend ringing the next one until you find someone to help you feel at ease.

Your Funeral Director can then assist you to:

  • Bring your loved one’s body into their care.

  • Plan the overall service as you would want it, one decision at a time, including the most important people in the decision-making.

  • Prepare you and your loved ones for a final viewing (if needed).

  • Book, organise and collect anything needed for the service.

  • Facilitate all necessary paperwork.

  • Know how much everything will cost, item by item, no hidden extras.

  • Navigate your and your family’s grief.

Arrangements for a funeral service need a lot of planning, and often within a short time. The procedure can seem way more tedious than it seems because of the emotional impact of the dear one’s loss. Therefore, having a professional and caring funeral director to manage the process should be a supportive, seamless, and life-enhancing experience.

There are many options for choosing a Funeral Director in Sydney. With Picaluna, our Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants across Greater Sydney have been hand chosen and trained, and are supported by the Picaluna team to help you create a beautiful funeral service for your dearly departed.

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  1. I like that you talked about how a funeral director should be able to be considerate of the needs of our family such as regarding the funeral costs. I will make sure that I will look for a professional with a good reputation to help my mom focus on grieving. This is for the services we will have for my grandmother who peacefully passed away because of her age just this afternoon.

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